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[A - Action - Hospital, mid-morning]

[Heinz Doofenshmirtz had never been impressed by zombie movies. Having experienced one for himself, he was even less impressed. Taking zombie samples had been gross. Running them over had been gross. Becoming one had been really, really gross. Good thing it was all over.

Except for... well.

Doof had come to the hospital, and was making his way quickly through the halls. How nice for Mayfield to have reconstructed the whole thing while everyone was recovering. How nice for there to be halls, again. Now, if he was lucky, his labcoat would still be on site, where he left it for safekeeping. And if he was really lucky, he'd still have that little vial of awfulness that he had stolen from Doctor Weird-Hat's stash. It was all folded up and tucked away in the second-floor supply closet, behind the cleaning products and above the extra mop heads. Or it should be. He hoped.

He had the feeling, somehow, that he would not be so lucky as to completely avoid notice as he passed through the halls. That, he had resigned himself to.]

[B - Phone, locked to Red Mage, Nadeko Sengoku, Applejack, GLaDOS, etc, anyone I've forgotten]

Well. We've had some time to recover from... that. If you're still up to helping me with my renovations, I think it's time that we get to work on them! Who knows when this town may set something else on us?

I understand that you may have school, or work, or homecoming, or whatever it may be... so! We start this coming Saturday morning! Come to 457 Stone Street bright and early! There will be pancakes!

We are all going to need a good breakfast.

[He is cheerful, and gleeful, and probably full of other things, too. Also, he's confident that they all remember what he means when he talks about "renovations".]


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