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[Action A, 457 Stone Street, Morning]

[It's another marginally beautiful Mayfield morning, and Doofenshmirtz has volunteered to head out front and get the mail. Still half-asleep, he steps over the brown-papered package on the front step, staggers to the mailbox, extracts the bills, and steps back over the package without even noticing it. Click, and the door shuts behind him.

A few moments later he's back out on the step, staring down at the thing he had previously ignored.]

Ehn, what's this?

[Peering down at it, he's surprised to see that it's addressed to him. A suspicious look is cast left, then right, then upwards, then he quickly snatches up the package and retreats inside.]

I've heard about this! They've given me something back! I wonder what it is?

[He shakes the box this way and that, judging the weight of the contents. Still no idea. Ah well! He rips the paper off, lifts the lid off of the box inside, to find that he's been given back his labcoat.]'s a start. A pretty good start.

[Action B, Bakery]

[Another day, another dollar. Heinz is at work... well, he's at work. Physically present at work, behind the counter and minding the bakery. But he's not doing much. No baking, no frosting, no kneading. He has a notebook in hand, and he's scribbling in it madly, occasionally muttering to himself.]

I'll need three dozen of those... hm, I'm going to need multiple trips. Taking measurements into account, we'll need this much lumber just for the supports.... ooh, and tarps. Tarps are important. Many tarps.

[And he's got his apron tied over his labcoat. Having gotten it back? It's going to take effort to make him remove it.]

[Action C, Around Town]

[His shift at work is done, and Doof is now out and about shopping. Still wearing his labcoat, of course. And grinning from ear to ear, occasionally consulting his notebook before plucking an item from the shelves and tossing it in his shopping cart. Hardware store, general store, record store, he's stopping by it. His list of needs is long. You might catch him between stores, too, arms loaded with bags.]
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[A - Action - 457 Stone Street, backdated to Monday]

[So there was the day's milk delivery. And there was the helpful poster, attached to the house's mailbox, declaring that the milk was "mandatory". Which brings us to the Doof, blithely going about his morning in a milk-free fashion. He's scrambling eggs! And making toast!]

Ha! "Mandatory", my nose! I am far too evil to comply with anything "mandatory"!

[And there's cackling, and general being pleased with himself as he eats his breakfast... But oh, the toast is dry. The eggs are too salty. He's thirsty...]

...boy, I could really use a glass of milk.

[No helping it, then. He pours himself a nice big glass, gulps it down, grimaces slightly...]

...That... wasn't so bad.

[Aaaaand he doubles over with sudden stomach cramps.]

[B - Action - Bakery, again backdated to Monday]

[Stomach cramps are no deterrent to Heinz Doofenshmirtz going to work! So there he is. At work. Pale, and shivering, and glassy-eyed, and making a valiant effort at frosting a cake. The pink roses are three layers deep, now.]

I... think I now understand why the letter said to... to not drink the milk....
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[Action 1 - Bakery, Morning]

[Finding out that his role within this throwback town was that of a baker hadn't gone over well, initially. A fit had been thrown. Fists had been shaken at the heavens. And he had seethed with rage on the entire way to work. Injustice! Injustice! The universe was constantly mocking him, and this was additional proof of it! Logic took the edge off of his temper, however, and he was only monologuing under his breath as he tied on his apron.]

If I'm going to Inator my way out of this nightmare, I'm going to need to understand it. Become a part of it.

[Tie, tie.]

...and I'm going to need funding.

Besides, how hard can it possibly be to make bread? They have machines that can do it, I know how to operate an oven, I've spent time slinging bratwurst so obviously food service isn't outside of my range of expertise... this should be EASY!

[He swept his arms outwards triumphantly! And struck a stack of metal bowls, sending them flying with a CLANG and a residual clatter-clatter-clatter.

He flinched, and nursed his hand.]

...and that is not a premonition of utter failure, no, no...

[Action 2 - Bakery, Mid-day]

[The scents wafting from the bakery today have only a hint of burntness to them. Fresh bread and sugar cookies are doing their best to overpower the remains of the morning's mistakes. Heinz is busy filling donut-like pastries with jam, looking very pleased with himself.

The display cases and racks are full of baked... somethingness, that's for sure. There are only a few items to be particularly concerned about. A few loaves have had corners or edges carefully cut away, to hide charred spots. There are several blueberry(?) pies out for sale, and a single lemon meringue with very lopsided meringue. A wide assortment of sugar cookies are available, too! Although those ones are shaped like skulls and these ones are decorated like frowny faces and the ones there still reveal burnt patches from beneath the heavy striped frosting....]


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