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03 - So Very Thirsty

[A - Action - 457 Stone Street, backdated to Monday]

[So there was the day's milk delivery. And there was the helpful poster, attached to the house's mailbox, declaring that the milk was "mandatory". Which brings us to the Doof, blithely going about his morning in a milk-free fashion. He's scrambling eggs! And making toast!]

Ha! "Mandatory", my nose! I am far too evil to comply with anything "mandatory"!

[And there's cackling, and general being pleased with himself as he eats his breakfast... But oh, the toast is dry. The eggs are too salty. He's thirsty...]

...boy, I could really use a glass of milk.

[No helping it, then. He pours himself a nice big glass, gulps it down, grimaces slightly...]

...That... wasn't so bad.

[Aaaaand he doubles over with sudden stomach cramps.]

[B - Action - Bakery, again backdated to Monday]

[Stomach cramps are no deterrent to Heinz Doofenshmirtz going to work! So there he is. At work. Pale, and shivering, and glassy-eyed, and making a valiant effort at frosting a cake. The pink roses are three layers deep, now.]

I... think I now understand why the letter said to... to not drink the milk....

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[Toni only has to see the empty glass to realize what happened.]

Why did you drink it? Are you nuts?

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Oh, really? Didn't anybody tell you not to drink that stuff? Come on, we're going to the hospital.

[And she reaches over to grab him by the arm.]

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Yes, hospital. I'm not about to stand here and watch you keel over, okay?

[He'll likely die on the way there, but at least she tried, dammit.]

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[ Nadeko happens to be out at the bakery today-- with both of her not!parents droned, staying at home where they are just makes her too uncomfortable and causes her to go take walks around town instead. And that's how she ends up here, and even though she doesn't recognize the man (even though she talked to him over the phones before) she frowns a little in worry. ]

... Um.. Are you okay?
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[ The accent does help a little, probably because it's so strange. There's a moment of recognition, but it fades away when he asks her what she wants. ]

U-um, I wanted to buy some cake, if it's okay.. [ She's still eyeing him with a somewhat wary look, especially with how shakey he is. ]
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U-um, a little bit would be f-- ... [ A pause as he talks again. ] C-carr--

[ She keeps trying to speak up, but in shyness she shuts up each time as he continues on, before he finally seems to turn a bit pained. It's even enough for Nadeko to easily notice it, her eyes widening a little. ]


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[Barton walks in to find him on the floor in pain.]

...Whoa, what happened?

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Geez, it must be beyond bad for you to look like that.

[After a moment's hesitation, she'll walk over and try and help him into the chair, at least.]

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[She looks back at the empty bottle, then back at him, questioningly.] Wait, that's not the milk, is it? Jesus, you're lucky you ain't dead. Why'd you go and drink that stuff? I thought everyone knows the stuff the Milkman brings is poisoned.

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[ Marui's face is rather puffy, which is causing him to thpeak with a thlight lithp... but he looks alright by comparison. ]

Um... that'th enough frothting, I think. And you don't look too great... thouldn't you take a day off or thomthing?

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Uh, I have hiveth and a lithp. You look like you're about to fall over and puke all over the plath. Thoth are like, two levelth of pain completely.

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Well... there were thpiderth in the milk I drank and they did not agree with my fath.

[ ... ] Can't that wait just one day? Come on, it's just twenty-four hourth, it'th not like a long-term thetback or anything.

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haha, ty ty o/

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[Mart waltzes into the store with one thing on his mind.]

Hiya Doof, I'm here for my cheesecake!

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[Mart shrugs. He'd help but... food first.]

Thanks, buddy!

[Mart walks over to where the cake box is.]

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Yeah, good job!

I especially like the cookie covering.

[Just gonna grab that box.]