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02 - It's Okay, It's Evil Pie.

[Action 1 - Bakery, Morning]

[Finding out that his role within this throwback town was that of a baker hadn't gone over well, initially. A fit had been thrown. Fists had been shaken at the heavens. And he had seethed with rage on the entire way to work. Injustice! Injustice! The universe was constantly mocking him, and this was additional proof of it! Logic took the edge off of his temper, however, and he was only monologuing under his breath as he tied on his apron.]

If I'm going to Inator my way out of this nightmare, I'm going to need to understand it. Become a part of it.

[Tie, tie.]

...and I'm going to need funding.

Besides, how hard can it possibly be to make bread? They have machines that can do it, I know how to operate an oven, I've spent time slinging bratwurst so obviously food service isn't outside of my range of expertise... this should be EASY!

[He swept his arms outwards triumphantly! And struck a stack of metal bowls, sending them flying with a CLANG and a residual clatter-clatter-clatter.

He flinched, and nursed his hand.]

...and that is not a premonition of utter failure, no, no...

[Action 2 - Bakery, Mid-day]

[The scents wafting from the bakery today have only a hint of burntness to them. Fresh bread and sugar cookies are doing their best to overpower the remains of the morning's mistakes. Heinz is busy filling donut-like pastries with jam, looking very pleased with himself.

The display cases and racks are full of baked... somethingness, that's for sure. There are only a few items to be particularly concerned about. A few loaves have had corners or edges carefully cut away, to hide charred spots. There are several blueberry(?) pies out for sale, and a single lemon meringue with very lopsided meringue. A wide assortment of sugar cookies are available, too! Although those ones are shaped like skulls and these ones are decorated like frowny faces and the ones there still reveal burnt patches from beneath the heavy striped frosting....]

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[He's just kind of. Standing around awkwardly.]

You're one shitty baker, aren't you?

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Nothing. But the hag I used to live with could do better in a rice cooker.

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I think some of your designs are...interesting.

[Like the frowny faces!]

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Wow, you're even more mediocre than I thought.


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[Mart walks into the bakery expecting something yummy to eat... instead finding the burnt horrors.]


What is wrong with these baked goods!?

And where's the damn cheesecake?

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[Mart obliges and takes a sample bit of frown cookie and chows down... only to spit it out.]


This is worse than the time I ate a chunk of coral!

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[Mart is still spitting out the cookie bits.]

I was bored!

And man, I won't wait two freakin' hours for some cheesecake that's probably gonna be awful anyway.

What else do you got?

And what do you mean by automated?
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[Oh, Lithuania has a new coworker... Who doesn't seem to be all that good at baking. Lithuania is starting to wonder if he's the only one actually suited to his job.

Well, at least this one hasn't tried to stab him yet.]

I think you're getting better.
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Lithuania. I'm not really sure how they decide what to assign each person.
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I think it might be random--this job isn't too bad for me.

[He smiles a bit while taking out some pastries he made--they are not burned or anything.] Yes, like the country. I am the nation, or a representation of it.

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[ he's looking at those sugar cookies... ]

Do you even know how to bake properly? Geez...

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Okay, that's a step in the right direction, I guess. The next step is, can you bake properly?

[ ... ] No, I'm pre-judging them because they look kinda... burned on one side. I bake a lot at home, y'see.

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I dunno... I usually don't follow recipes when I bake.

[ he's just going to turn over one of those striped ones and side-eye it for a few moments. ] Um... what's wrong with 'em?

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