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OOC - Mayfield Character Relations

Want to know what Doofenshmirtz thinks of the people he's met? You've come to the right place!


Toni Ipres

[ profile] a_crazygirl
His not-wife. Considering his past ill-fated romantic entanglements, he doesn't really want to get to know her. He pays her little mind, as they've agreed to give each other their own space to do their own things.
Jane Barton

[ profile] nosoul_nomind
His not-daughter. She makes a fine audience when he feels the need to elaborate on something evil. Though he'd hate to have to admit it, she's starting to grow on him. Aspects of her remind him of his real daughter back home.

[ profile] sellchelles
His other not-daughter. She's one of those strange country-people, but he ignores it. She's adorable and reminds him even more of his real daughter.

Assorted People


[ profile] letunityblossom
The Doctor's co-worker at the Mayfield Bakery. Still isn't quite certain that the guy is really the anthropomorphic personification of Lithuania. That's just silly. Finds him easy to tolerate.
Nadeko Sengoku

[ profile] imoutosnake
Nadeko was kind enough to help introduce him to Mayfield over the phone. He found her to be sweet and kind and willing to carry on a meandering conversation with him... though he can't actually admit that he thinks she's alright. He's a villain. He has a reputation to maintain.

[ profile] luxuriality
He only knows her as "Solaris", as that's the name she gave over the phone. They had a heated, boastful argument regarding villainy, and he has sworn to show her the depraved depths of his villainy! Someday.
Marui Bunta

[ profile] myougi
This strange young man keeps showing up in the Doctor's life, and he's not sure that he wants him to be there. They've talked/argued about baking, and he has turned the kid down for tennis lessons. Crazy kid was wearing a skirt.
Mart Vineyard

[ profile] jaws5sonofjaws
To Doof, he's "that guy with all the teeth, oh boy." Tried to eat his cookies at the bakery. Ordered a cheesecake. Flashed too many pearly whites for the Doctor's comfort. And he's a bit of a jerk. At least he seems to be able to be soothed and distracted by cheesecake.
Calleo A. Crowe

[ profile] perfektsymmetry
Decent enough young man. Gave him a pamphlet to help get him up to speed on Mayfield. Might look him up again if he needs help with a project... he seems level-headed and useful.
Arcueid Brunestud

[ profile] makemebreakfast
He is TERRIFIED of her. Why? During the milk-related killdroning, she disembowled him and crushed his head.
Coming Soon

[ profile] xxx
Who knows who else he'll meet here?