doofenstrudel: (Doof panics)
Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz ([personal profile] doofenstrudel) wrote2011-11-26 02:35 am

09 - Apoca-whatnow?

[Action A - Remains of 457 Stone Street]

[From the moment that Heinz awoke on his bed of rough rubble, he had been edging closer and closer to full-blown panic. It had just been a little apprehensive shiver, when he first roused himself. It became a faint shaking to his hands as he picked through the ruins, trying to find any familiar objects or his workshop.

If he didn't find any evidence of his other housemates (his daughters, his daughters), he would boil over completely and lose it, and then where would he be? And what parts of his anatomy would be rebelling completely? There might be arm flailing, and even screaming.]

[Action B - In The Rubble]

Drat and blast it...! [It is hard, digging through rubble. Hard on the old hips, hard on the back. It stopped being hard on the hands after he found material to wrap around them, and a length of bent metal suited to digging and prying.

He could build something. He could build something, and protect himself, and then find out what was happening. Or at least last this out until it ended. He had already salvaged some canned food, and bits and pieces of stuff that may prove useful. He can be clever, even if he's not feeling nearly as sharp as he ought to.

Care to find him? Interrupt him? Ask him questions?]

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