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09 - Apoca-whatnow?

[Action A - Remains of 457 Stone Street]

[From the moment that Heinz awoke on his bed of rough rubble, he had been edging closer and closer to full-blown panic. It had just been a little apprehensive shiver, when he first roused himself. It became a faint shaking to his hands as he picked through the ruins, trying to find any familiar objects or his workshop.

If he didn't find any evidence of his other housemates (his daughters, his daughters), he would boil over completely and lose it, and then where would he be? And what parts of his anatomy would be rebelling completely? There might be arm flailing, and even screaming.]

[Action B - In The Rubble]

Drat and blast it...! [It is hard, digging through rubble. Hard on the old hips, hard on the back. It stopped being hard on the hands after he found material to wrap around them, and a length of bent metal suited to digging and prying.

He could build something. He could build something, and protect himself, and then find out what was happening. Or at least last this out until it ended. He had already salvaged some canned food, and bits and pieces of stuff that may prove useful. He can be clever, even if he's not feeling nearly as sharp as he ought to.

Care to find him? Interrupt him? Ask him questions?]


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[Hey, Doof. Have a shirtless, shoeless Baron Wulfenbach approaching you. Really, being shirtless is part and parcel for him -- it's a family trait, it seems -- but generally the ensemble isn't rounded out with pajama pants and bare feet.

It sucks when the rest of your wardrobe is buried under rubble and you're too freaked out by the charred corpse of your droned ex-girlfriend to stay and bother digging it out.]

Doctor? What are you doing?


Hey, hey Doof.

Dat stitching.]

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I see that. I doubt there is much to salvage, unfortunately. All of my weaponry was completely destroyed by whatever leveled the town; your Inators probably didn't fare any better.

[Besides, there's nobody to turn bald in retribution right now, unless Doof wants to zap one of the better-preserved corpses.

Also whyfor are you giving him that look?]

... Ah, right. You haven't yet seen the stitching.


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[Ray is in quite the strange predicament. he has quite an abundance of scrap metal now, but no tools. funny how just a week ago it had been the opposite. once this was over and the town had its joke (hahaha, look at that loser crawling through the dust, let's point and laugh!), maybe he'd find something to smile about, too. as it stands right now, he'd rather choke than give them something to giggle about.

carrying some canned goods he found in one of the burnt-out husks that were once houses, Ray spots Doof digging. if there's one guy who looks more desperate and upset than himself, it's this one.]

Hey, sir - are you okay? [tentatively, he gives him a tap on the shoulder.]


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...oi. Barton okay?

[He sounds so tired, worried, pissed, all at once. So many things have happened today, and now he just wants nothing more than to wake up in either the Netherworld, or even that stupid idyllic suburban house he's been stuck in for the past few months. Anything to get out from here.]

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She's my servant.

[Which is kind of his word for "friend", except he will never admit that to anyone ever.]

That, and we met before. The park. Remember?

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[Lym woke up in rubble and her clothes were missing, just these kind of charred rags so she went out looking for people and something a bit more becoming of her stature. Hearing the digging sounds from the house she peered over the rubble, and Doof will see the wide eyes of a slightly shell shocked 12 year old girl]

Um, do you need help mister?

Re: A

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I don't know what a backhoe is, but is someone trapped down there?


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[ Bel is used to bloodshed and dead bodies (he did start to kill people from a young age after all), so the corpses and all the blood doesn't make him any uncomfortable. He's not used to all the ruins though. A few destroyed buildings here and there, sometimes caused by Varia themselves, was nothing unusual to him, but not like this.

He's sitting atop a pile of rubble, looking down at Doof.]

Hey, vecchio.

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Not gonna~

[ Bel did a good choice looking for this guy. He's already in a little better mood, even among this destruction not caused by him, without his tiara and his own knives. ]


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[Walking on up...]

...It seems we waited too long to start work on that secret base.

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At least we'll be prepared for the next one.


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[There's some scrabbling and muffled cursing under the rubble as Barton tries to make her way out. She's tough, but there's a lot on top her and she's pretty small.]

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[Good thing that she's tough as nails normally, and with his help, quickly surfaces. She scrambles to her feet, and is about to say something when she looks around at the destruction.]