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08 - In the lab, off the wagon

[Action A, 457 Stone Street, Morning]

[Moments after the mailman arrived, Doofenshmirtz was bolting out the front door and rummaging through the mailbox, certain that THIS TIME, something would have been given back to him. He had done the same thing yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that, and come up empty-handed except for bills and junk, but today... today, there was a package. A package addressed to him.]


[The rest of the day's mail was left to flutter to the ground. Screw it. Let the wind take it. The only important thing had arrived today, and he wasted no time ripping open the brown paper wrapping and sliding it out of the flap on the side. It was flat, and framed. It was his Diploma in Evil.]

Eh? This is it?

[But something struck him, as he held that diploma at arm's length and stared at it. There was an itching behind his eyes, a tingling, the sensation of something bubbling up and boiling over. His eyes widened and his eyebrows nearly shot clear off his face as his mad science came flooding back.]



Oh yes!

[Suddenly, things were much clearer. Suddenly, he knew exactly what he was going to spend his day doing. Cackling like mad, he skitter-skipped back inside. First, he had to hang that diploma. Then he had to grab the waxed paper and the coat hangers and the oranges from the fruit basket on the kitchen table....]

[Action B, 457 Stone Street, Garage, Mid-morning to noon]

[There is definitely something up behind the partially-opened garage door at this house. There's a definite scent of burning something in the air, vented from inside. Occasionally, there are flashes of bright light. And all the while, anyone who passes by closely enough can hear Heinz's excited muttering to himself as he works.]

Yes, yes, how could I have not seen it before?! With this, I will show them! I will SHOW THEM ALL!!! AHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

[Action C, Around Mayfield, Afternoon and evening onwards]

[So. Showing them all, eh? Doof is running around town with a device that is one part kludged together bazooka, one part vaccuum cleaner piping, and ten parts "wait, what". Painted on the "barrel" in neat blue lettering is "Bald-Inator". Any questions about just what a Bald-Inator does are easily answered. Doof is taking aim and firing at drones here and there along his way, hitting them with a greenish-blue tinged beam of improbable energy that proceeds to make all of the hair on their head fall out.]

Ha! THAT was for cutting in line at the bank two weeks ago!


And THAT was for saying that my cakes were too dry!

[He's probably going to get droned for this. He is aware of this fact. He does not care, because he is on a science bender and there is no stopping one of those.]

((OOC: Warning, if you come up to Doof and talk to him, there's a high chance you'll get Bald-Inated. It'll be even higher if you're someone he doesn't like. There's a reverse switch on the device, and I intended it to only be temporary anyway, but yes! HAIR LOSS PROBABLE.))


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[Not!daughter was coming into the garage to get some of her own work done. Doof may have noticed a lot of scraps, plans, parts, tools and other things in her own little corner of the garage. She finds the noises and lights coming from the place a concern for her works' safety, so he comes in quietly, watching him work, a disapproving look on her face.]

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[She walks over, blinking at the project, trying to figure it out.] Yeah? What it is? Or what's it gonna be, I guess.


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[Doof. Doof, honey.

Look at your life, look at your choices.]

You know, as death-rays go, this one is rather... benign.

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[Why is that adorable, that shouldn't be adorable... only Doof is acting very much like Bill right now. Bill was never really one for death rays either.]

I suppose its purpose is plain, then. If I may ask... why hair removal?


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You're doing well for yourself, Doof.

[And look who decided to drop by. There he is, floating in mid-air... The Doctor.]

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[The Doctor just takes the shot to see for himself what the beam does. He figures that it can't hurt much especially not against the protection the Demon Crown offers him. Heinz fires and the Doctor braces himself for it. Oddly enough, though, he expected some pain, but... nothing.

It didn't even feel like anything. All he notices are his green eyebrows falling out.]

... You plucked out my eyebrows?

[And the Doctor begins clapping all the while laughing a little.]

Congratulations, Doof. You've invented baldness. The world will be pleased at your discovery as you pluck out each and every lock of hair from it.

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[ Garviel is staring at the weapon with confusion. ]

What are you doing?


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[Opens door to retrieve something from garage.

Stands there and listens to Doof rant.

Closes door, deciding it's not worth it.]

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[ .... Yeah. Have Lust just standing there watching the drones bald. She's just going to watch him.

Make people bald over petty things.

God. Whenever she feels shitty about herself, someone provides proof that humans are even more pathetic than she ever imagined. Her life is spectacular. ]

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[ She just watches Doof destroy drone locks after drone locks before she finally decides to approach him. She'll just tap him on the shoulder very politely. ]

You do realize they don't react to anything, right? [ She sliced one up before and it just told her that she was very very rude 8| ]

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[Leias wanders up, absently rubbing the new scars on his face, one just above the eye and one between the eye and nose. He considers a moment before knocking on the partially opened door]

Everything alright in there?

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[Leias recognizes the voice from a few days ago]

"Is that you doc? Need help in there? I know my way around a workbench.

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[He's just watching from a distance, enjoying a smoking break on the sidewalk outside the pharmacy.]

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[. . . the hell. Holland's expression is somewhere between disgust and irritation. He exhales a puff of smoke, then answers.]


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