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07 - This is Only a Tiny Setback

[Phone - Morning]

Haah... there! Finally! Do you have any idea how hard it is to get to the telephone when you've spent your entire morning shrinking and are now about the size of an action figure?!


Well, alright, I'm willing to guess that quite a few of you out there understand what I am going through. It is that kind of week.

[Doofenshmirtz sighs.]

Other than an informal poll on how many of us are having height issues... er, I make no promises on how functional the bakery will be today, if the rest of the employees are feeling a bit small, too. You have been warned. And I will point out that you can live for a day without cake. Suck it up.

[Action A - Around Town, mid-day]

[Necessity is the mother of invention, and being this short has necessitated that Doofenshmirtz swipe Barton's tinker toys and assemble them, along with a few other household objects, into something of a protective mech-walker. His intent was to give himself some height, some visibility, and a little protection from the dangers of Mayfield.

It makes him about a foot and a half tall rather than itty bitty. It's something.]

You! You, clear through! Out of the way!

[Also? He managed to rig up a teeny little voice amplifier. It's hard to make a lot of noise when you're that short.]

[Action B - Around Town, late day]

[Oh dear. Doof has suffered a breakdown. One of the tinker-toy joints has come unjointed, and he is struggling valiantly to get it back into place.]

Blast it! And drat it! And damn it, too! Get... get in... ARRRGH!

[Although he occasionally stops to look around and make sure a pigeon or cat won't try to eat him. He was dreadfully, dreadfully itty-bitty. It would be just his luck.]


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Leias notices the struggling tiny evil genius and takes a knee beside him.

"Need a hand?"

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Leias tips his hat in a pleasant sort of way. He's an older man, late 40s, early 50s, a bit scruffy and trail worn.

"Leias Kline, Courier 6 of the Mojave Express. Do you need a hand."

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Leias sets to work and moves the strut. Compared to repairing guns, this is fairly simple work.

"What sort of device is this?"

Action B

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[Guess who else is only an inch tall? This guy! Given that he's normally seven feet tall, this is somewhat weird. Intriguing, but weird.

Oh. Hi, Doof.]

Having trouble there, Doctor?

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Well, as you can see, I hardly have anything better to do. Being one inch tall tends to put a damper on what one can and cannot do.

[He regards Doof's work for a few moments, picking it apart mentally and analyzing the structure function of each component.]

You know, I could actually make this much more efficient and possibly faster if you gave me a few moments...

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[Oh baby just let me retool your work...


It does it the alteration would improve it.


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[GLaDOS meanwhile is also the victim of shrinking, at the moment she's hiding terrified behind a telephone post. Oh god her Ornithophobia is acting up. Because a few feet away from her....bird, bird. Kill it, it's evil!]
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[This is a bird wondering what the hell is going on.....and then flying away.

GLaDOS doesn't look any less terrified till it's gone....then sighs.]'s gone.

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[......oh great someone saw that.]

I'm fine.

....I don't like birds, that's all.
imoutos: (a long time ago when we first met)

[ phone ]

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E.. eh?! You shrunk? [ She sounds surprised over that, but the majority of the surprise is already gone - she encountered her not!mom shrunk as well, after all. ]

Are you okay..?
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[ phone ]

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W-well, I don't know, maybe it hurts to shrink.. It never happened to me, so I'm not able to tell.

And.. interesting challenges? You mean getting through the day..?
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... But.. if you would build something while you're that small.. then it would just be really small to other people as well, right? Would they even be able to see it from that size?

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[Ow, the makeshift robot definitely just ran into Toni's ankle.]

Hey! Watch where you're... Doof? Are you in there?


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[...ahahaha. That is flat out adorable.]

It's nice to see you're making the most of a bad situation.