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06 - There will also be lemonade

[A - Action - Hospital, mid-morning]

[Heinz Doofenshmirtz had never been impressed by zombie movies. Having experienced one for himself, he was even less impressed. Taking zombie samples had been gross. Running them over had been gross. Becoming one had been really, really gross. Good thing it was all over.

Except for... well.

Doof had come to the hospital, and was making his way quickly through the halls. How nice for Mayfield to have reconstructed the whole thing while everyone was recovering. How nice for there to be halls, again. Now, if he was lucky, his labcoat would still be on site, where he left it for safekeeping. And if he was really lucky, he'd still have that little vial of awfulness that he had stolen from Doctor Weird-Hat's stash. It was all folded up and tucked away in the second-floor supply closet, behind the cleaning products and above the extra mop heads. Or it should be. He hoped.

He had the feeling, somehow, that he would not be so lucky as to completely avoid notice as he passed through the halls. That, he had resigned himself to.]

[B - Phone, locked to Red Mage, Nadeko Sengoku, Applejack, GLaDOS, etc, anyone I've forgotten]

Well. We've had some time to recover from... that. If you're still up to helping me with my renovations, I think it's time that we get to work on them! Who knows when this town may set something else on us?

I understand that you may have school, or work, or homecoming, or whatever it may be... so! We start this coming Saturday morning! Come to 457 Stone Street bright and early! There will be pancakes!

We are all going to need a good breakfast.

[He is cheerful, and gleeful, and probably full of other things, too. Also, he's confident that they all remember what he means when he talks about "renovations".]


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[A ninja you are not, Doof; however, this guy very well might be. As Doofenshmirtz is creeping across the halls, the Doctor had noticed him some time ago. He has been silently following the man from behind just seeing what he was up to all of a sudden.

Well, might as well ask. Silently creeping around is getting a bit boring.]

Do you have an appointment?


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Hm, no. But since you aren't an official doctor, you shouldn't even have come this far. Did the receptionist let you in?

[She's a drone, so it shouldn't have been difficult to get by her. The Doctor doesn't seem all too angry either.]

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[The standard labcoat helped, but was she that unsociable? Looks like the Doctor needs to schedule the receptionist for a little talk.]

Except no, you don't. It would be far easier for you to have me find whatever you're looking for. Out of the two of us, I am the only one authorized to be here.


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[Bel is on a mission. A mission to have fun, and he hasn't tried bugging the people at the hospital yet. That's when he sees someone slightly familiar. He's met this guy before, hasn't he? At the bakery. He sneaks up on him, grinning.]

Up to anything fun~?

Re: a)

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[He laughs as Doof's coffee goes on his shirt.]

Just playing~

Re: a)

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Of course it is~

[For him, anything could be a playground.]

Re: a)

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[ phone ]

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A-.. alright! [ There's something nervous and fumbly as ever about Nadeko, but she nods to herself a little as she speaks into the phone. ]

I'll make sure to be there on time..!
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[ phone ]

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Of course not.. I'd gladly help out. Especially if it's for, um, something this important..

[ The stammeriness is natural, yes, and that's probably why it's present - she occasionally lapses into this kind of fumbliness even with the people she's the closest to, really. ]

I'm.. fine.. The whole thing with the zombies was sort of.. no, really scary, but thanks to everyone's care I'm okay..
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[ phone ]

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H.. hmm, I was. I was staying in the church, where a lot of other people were as well.. They set up a safe part in town there. Have you been okay too..?

... I'm not sure if they're going to do anything on Halloween, b-but they usually do.. well, something on holidays, right?

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[The pancakes are not a lie?/is shot.]

Alright, I'll be there.

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The building has been going well then?

[B - Phone]

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[Renovations means construction work, right?]

Ah can be there just after the rooster crows if'n you still need mah help!

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Alright then, and you can bet Ah'll be ready to work!

And looking forward to those pancakes! A hearty meal is a good way to start off a big project, after all!

Hospital- Action

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Good morning, sir! Can I help you with anything?