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Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz ([personal profile] doofenstrudel) wrote2011-09-02 07:33 pm

06 - When An Evil Boy Meets An Evil Girl - Locked to Toni

[No one in Mayfield had warned him about this. Oh sure, there was that phone call, but it didn't really make any sense! It was probably just something misdirected, and it had fallen out of Doofenshmirtz's head immediately.

But one moment he was coming home from work and the next he was disoriented and sitting up in an unfamiliar bed while wearing a tux that was a little too tight at the waist.]

What in the heck is this?! that salmon? I think that's salmon.

[It was after a long day of work. He was hungry for something that wasn't a pastry. Red sheets and suspicious bed shapes (and bed partners) were ignored so he could confirm just what smelled so good, over there.

He was already unbuttoning the tuxedo jacket.]

This is probably a trap. But oooh! Little green peas!

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